Words (sanat) wrote in jemaine_clement,

Oh gods, don't let me turn into Mel...

But I only learned of FotC less than three weeks ago and already I'm hopelessly hooked. After wringing all related content I could find out of YouTube, I rented Tongan Ninja on Netflix and watched it today. It is an intentionally ridiculous martial-arts B-movie made in NZ, bad dubbing and all, and yes, our favorite Conchord is prominently featured. Jemaine sings the theme song and dances as an Elvis impersonator over the opening credits, stars as the hero's archnemesis Action Fighter, and dubs silly voices for both his role and the hero's. He clearly had fun making it, as demonstrated in this outtake of him "flying" against a bluescreen:

:sighs dreamily: ;)
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