The quiet girl that no one ever knows (makebelievetree) wrote in jemaine_clement,
The quiet girl that no one ever knows

Jemaine Layout for the ladies!

Hey there! This is my first post but I would like to share with all the Jemaine fans, a custom layout!
If you decide to use it and need any help installing it, just comment here!

Click to view: jemainelayout

Systems 1
Layout style: Generator for all.
Works with both Basic and Plus Accounts

Custom Colors:
Page background #628299
Page text #ffffff
Page link #ffdd00
Page visited link #999999
Page active link #ffdd00
Page emphasized text Leave Blank
Page title Leave Blank
Weak accent #000000
Text on weak accent Leave Blank
Strong accent Leave Blank
Text on strong accent Leave Blank
Stronger accent #9cc9ea
Text on stronger accent Leave Blank

Copy and paste this into your "Custom options" box:

Please credit in your info if you use it, thanks.

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Very cool. I'd like to try this. I'll credit.
Thanks this looks wonderful! I'm gonna try it...I just started my page so I needed some help! Def will credit :)
Well thank you!
If you need any help, I'd be happy to assist.
for whatever reason I can't get it to work correctly, the picture doesn't show up...which means I'm probably doing something wrong. But thats ok because I was able to get one of your other awesome layouts to work...and Mr. Clement is looking equally as beautiful...thanks again! :)
Aw, I'm sorry that one wasn't working for you. :(
I hope the one you pick works out okay!

Your welcome and thanks for taking it!