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jemaine_clement's Journal

It's Business Time
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jemaine clement
Jemaine Clement (born January 10, 1974 in New Zealand) is, perhaps, best known for being half of the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords with Bret McKenzie (Bret has an LJ community as well).

Whew. I wanted an LJ community where admirers of the most delicious* Conchord could come together in worship... and alas? None existed. It put a hurting in my heart, people. But only for one second because I got down to business.

Please, share thoughts and ideas about Jemaine and the amazing phenomenon that IS Flight of the Conchords... the HBO sensation that's sweeping the NATION.

Thank you, New Zealand, thank you for sharing your dreamy sons of folk-parody.


Links you need

HBO's FotC page
awesome site with tons of awesomeness, What The Folk
Completely UNoffical fan site. It is OFFICIALLY awesome...
the loveliest ever Jemaine site on Vox
FotC official site not oft updated because they are too busy taking care of, uh, BUSINESS.
Jem on IMDB check it!

*so I say. I would be happy, though, to taste BOTH of them and provide an educated answer. I guess it would still be just my opinion, though.